Shoreline Mafia w/ Special Guests

Cervantes Presents

Shoreline Mafia w/ Special Guests

Thu May 23 2019

7:00 pm

$25.00 - $30.00

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This event is all ages

Shoreline Mafia
Shoreline Mafia
Shoreline Mafia isn’t a rap group— it’s family. For OhGeesy (real name:
Alejandro Carranza), Rob Vicious (Robert Magee), Fenix (Fenix Rypinski) and
Master Kato (Malik Carson), hip-hop follows an organic friendship from their
native Los Angeles. The group’s inception happened when OhGeesy and Fenix
linked through MySpace in 2012 while doing graffiti in high school. “I had this
nigga in my Top Friends,” OhGeesy laughs. “When we met, we had no idea we
were gonna make music. But as we were hanging out, doing crazy shit. I got a
laptop and began recording myself. Then, Fenix heard it and he was like, ‘I’m
trying to make music too!’”
After recording one song, they clicked and immediately founded Shoreline Mafia.
“We chose the name ShorelineMafia because we are the wave. And the waves
starts at the shoreline,” says OhGeesy. Fenix remembers the early days; recording
on a “$100 mic and Garage Band” and putting music on SoundCloud. “That shit
started getting views and we just kept it up.”
Two years later, Rob Vicious and Kato were introduced. “We were just doing
regular, teenage shit,” says Rob. By 2017, the newcomers officially joined
Shoreline Mafia. The quartet garnered widespread attention with 2017’s “Musty”
(produced by Ron-Ron). With over 12 million plays on YouTube, the track
propelled Shoreline Mafia onto hip-hop’s larger radar, including an appearance
at the Rolling Loud Festival. “It’s a hard ass song,” explains OhGeesy of the viral
track. “All of our songs are that hard. That was so catchy, everyone caught on to
In November 2017, under the management of T.K. Kimbro of R. Baron, Shoreline
Mafia released its first full-length mixtape ShorelineDoThatShit, which spawned
tracks like “Nun Major,” “Spaceship,” “Serve A Boat” and “Whuss The Deal,”
amassing millions of fans on SoundCloud. In 2018, the group partnered with
Atlantic Records. Wrapping up a 12-city, sold-out tour during the first quarter of
2018, they’ve already enjoyed early press coverage from XXL, Noisey, Forbes,
PassionWeiss and other music blogs.
Since the release of ShorelineDoThatShit, Shoreline Mafia has wrapped three
sold out headlining tours, have been labeled by Spotify as the most played artist
in California, and are currently gearing up to perform in their hometown, Los
Angeles, CA, at one of the hottest festivals to wrap the year, Rolling Loud.
Each member maintains his own unique vibe. In July 2018, Rob Vicious
successfully released his debut mixtape Shoreline Mafia Presents Rob Vicious:
Traplantic, which hosted stand out tracks “Dear God,” “LA Flocker,” and
“Bands.” Master Kato, well on his way to releasing his solo project, started chatter
during the Summer of 2018 among fans with the release of “Ride Around” which
Pitchfork says “...a showcase for the gravel-voice rapper as he jumps on a breezy
beat from prolific West Coast producer Ron-Ron. It makes you realize how deep

Shoreline Mafia is when the group has a rapper this capable lingering in the
“We’re a group of kids, going crazy and having fun,” says OhGeesy. “I bring that,
‘I don’t give a fuck vibe.’ I’m really exclusive,” says Kato. Rob describes his sound
as “real street, dark shit.” As for Fenix, “I be coming with straight bars. Bring that
energy. Keep that crowd going. You feel me? That’s what I be going on.” It’s not
always easy fusing four voices—and personalities--into a group. So how does
Shoreline Mafia do it? It’s goes back to their genuine love. “Honestly? I don’t
know how this shit be working,” laughs Rob. “I think it’s off the fact that we really
fuck with each other.” Adds Kato, “These are my brothers.”
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