Iya Terra

Iya Terra

Beyond Bridges, Red Sage, Telisa marie

Sun Jun 17 2018

7:00 pm

$13.00 - $15.00

This event is all ages

Iya Terra
Iya Terra
Iya Terra is a Los Angeles based reggae band. We stand for truth and right. For the People. It is our objective to push consciousness through our music. To bring one another together with Love and Respect.
Beyond Bridges
Beyond Bridges
Beyond Bridges is a four member, Rock/Reggae band, from The flourishing town of Pueblo, CO. They are known for providing an alluring mix of heavy, gripping rock tones and soothing reggae refrain. Add innate folk lyricism and complex arrangements and you've got the BB crew!

Initially the group was comprised of founding members Tony Garcia (Lead Guitarist) and Kai Furuto (Vocalist, Bassist & Guitarist). Late in 2016 they brought on Adrian Hernandez (Vocalist, Bassist & Guitarist). Then in 2017 Kyle Spinuzzi (Drummer) joined the group.

They have shared a stage with the likes of Trevor Hall, The Wailers, HIRIE, Tomorrow's Bad Seeds and many other tremendously talented bands. They hope to bring people together just as the bands they admire have done over the years, by telling stories of relatable experiences through music.
Red Sage
Red Sage is a rising act in the heart of the blossoming Denver music scene. Compiled of a who's who group of musicians coming from several local music groups to form this dynamic act of original reggae/soul/blues-rock music! Led by former Liberation frontman Jordan Armijo, Red Sage is poised and ready to gain national exposure soon enough! Add in the smooth, funkadelic basslines from Danny Pettiti (CollieRad, DOB, Givers Gain) , shredding licks from Marcus Apodaca (If I Fail), and the driving drum beats from Jake Curnow (Transverse Waves) and you get something unique, and quite ripe with musical flavor! Top it off with the graceful horn riffs from Steve Illich (Filthy Children, MoneyShot players) for a wicked good time! The group is in a writing stage and poised for national attention. Conscious lyrics, smooth melodies, funky basslines, heavy grooves and an aim for unity in the music scene make Red Sage an act you don't want to miss! The boys are hard at work in the studio and are aiming to bring new music to the reggae world before the end of 2015!
Venue Information:
Black Sheep
2106 E. Platte Ave
Colorado Springs, CO, 80909