SOS Fest 1 feat. Crowd Deterrent

SOS Fest 1 feat. Crowd Deterrent

Alcon, B/A, Matriarchs, Fortune's Fool, Lucia, Deter, Doomsday for the Destroyer, If I Fail

Sat Nov 18 2017

4:00 pm


This event is all ages

Crowd Deterrent
Crowd Deterrent
Hardcore band from NEOH region which started in 1997. Property damage and physical injuries are the band's calling card.
Started in 1997 in new Castle PA by Samoan Rob, the band has had 100 members and has canceled more shows than they have shown up to play. Many people have been injured, lots of property has been damaged, and not a dime has been made by those who have participated in this band
Alcon - NEOH Hardcore
Vocals - Ronnie
Guitar - Steve
Bass - Parker
Drums - Tim

New EP in progress.
Split with Hellbound(OH) out soon!!
Metallic Hardcore
Fortune's Fool
Fortune's Fool

Vocals- Phoenix Herrera
Guitar- London Bell
Guitar- Jonathon Wedlund
Bass- Drandon Valley
Drums- Matthew Meehan
High Desert metalcore/hardcore outfit representing New Mexico and the Southwest.
Hardcore band from Colorado Springs, CO.
Doomsday for the Destroyer
Doomsday for the Destroyer
Doomsday For The Destroyer-We are a local metal band based out of the one and only Denver CO! We are stoked to throw you some new material this winter!
If I Fail
If I Fail
Mile high pop punk.

Colin Mulhern - Vocals
Greg Abeyta - Guitar
Marcus Apodaca - Guitar
Ian Crone - Drums
Toby Peltier- Bass
Venue Information:
Black Sheep
2106 E. Platte Ave
Colorado Springs, CO, 80909