By The Thousands

By The Thousands

Terraform, Earth Groans, Bridges, Taking Alpha

Mon Aug 21 2017

7:00 pm


This event is all ages

By The Thousands
By The Thousands
Progressive Metal from the Twin Cities
Jake Olson - Vocals
Josh Solvedt - Guitar
Harrison Bush - Guitar
Dakota Testa - Bass
Mike Schuler - Drums
Earth Groans
Earth Groans
About two years ago, Jeremy Schaeffer began to feel unsatisfied. Something tugged at him, and the calling to pursue it became a voice too loud to ignore. So he sat in his recording studio, and he started building skeletons. Track by track he began to form new creations, adding flesh and bone to near-materialized ideas. Within a week, a ministry was born.

The sound is jostling. The vocals are confrontational, the notes are often off-time, and the arrangements are unsettling and chaotic. It sounds how the world feels. “When I read Romans 8:23, which says, ‘We know that the whole creation has been groaning together in the pains of childbirth,’ I knew it was exactly how we felt and how our music made us feel, “explains Schaeffer. “Not only is the world wailing for Jesus to come back, we’re all in chaos until His return. We wanted to name ourselves something that encapsulated that feeling.” And so, within a week of responding to the voice that nudged him, Schaeffer had created the band Earth Groans.

“We all have the same vision,” says Schaeffer of he and bandmates Brady Mueller, Zachariah Mayfield, and Kaden Burton. “We want to be a ministry first, and a band second.” Their debut EP proves it. Renovate, releasing May 12th though Solid State Records, is a song by song diagnosis of our need for a divine architect. “Christ is the carpenter, and all these songs have to do with renovating our old selves so we can be made new,” he explains.

The song “The Estate,” with lyrics, “Out of the cracks the snakes creep out, exposing my rot / I’m not as strong as I make you believe / As a matter of fact, beneath the skin I am crumbling,” represents the near collapse of Schaeffer’s life as we realized how broken he was. “I was totally collected on the outside, but since I refused to deal with anything, my demons slowly started to show themselves,” he explains. “This song is all about how bad I, and all of us, need God to restore us.”

Other songs, like “Driving Out” and “Price Tag,” scream for rehabilitation of the heart, tackling topics like hate and self-worth. The vocals are aggressive and antagonistic, thrusting fans into a mighty territory that showcases the band’s passion. “We’re huge fans of metal, and our sound isn’t going anywhere,” notes Schaeffer.” “People say the scene is dying, but it’s not dead until we are. We’re going to scream, and tour, and write, as long as we can. We want Christ’s love to be spread.”

Although Earth Groans emphasizes the world’s need for a better structure, they’ll always be most focused on its Cornerstone.
Hardcore/Metalcore Band Out Of Pueblo, CO
Taking Alpha
Taking Alpha
Sometimes, entrees are better on leftover night.

Formerly in the Colorado Springs local band "Restore All Vengeance," songwriter Joseph Acosta and drummer Derek Bricker opened the refrigerator one day and smelt something grand. It was material their old band cooked up long ago, but was never consumed. So they decided to sit down for dinner and have some RAV leftovers.

But they weren't alone.

Woody Harrelson look-alike and vocalist Zach Carey joined them for dinner, bringing his own leftover dish from his last project, "Oddly Familiar."

Soon the three of them began mixing together their various foods and spoon-feeding each other, bite after bite.

It wasn't long before they each realized that what they were consuming together were no longer leftovers. Nay, it was a new entree entirely.

"This doesn't taste like metalcore," said Derek, who prefers to be called "Dak," named after Luke's co-pilot who died violently in "The Empire Strikes Back."

"No, the way the cayenne pepper blends with the lemon sauce is more old school hardcore punk," said Zach, "with a hint—a tiny hint—of progressive. Spicy."

"I agree," said Joseph while tears trickled down his uniquely good-looking face. "It's beautiful, the way it all blends together."

Dak, who has a grossly inhuman flesh-to-body-hair ratio, squirted some cream into his tea.

"That's kinda icky, but oddly attractive," commented Zach.

"So should we wait for another guitarist and a bassist to enjoy our dinner with us?" asked Joseph, the more mature bandmate.

"That won't be necessary," responded Zach, who was creamin' his own Earl Grey by now. "I prefer our current three-way."

As the young gentlemen finished their candlelit supper, they continued their private conversation over some cheesecake.

Then, the unthinkable: the candles climaxed and set their hearts ablaze.
Venue Information:
Black Sheep
2106 E. Platte Ave
Colorado Springs, CO, 80909