No 1 Left Standing, Epi III, VSCRL

Wed Jul 19 2017

7:00 pm


This event is all ages

Starkill is a symphonic melodic death metal act from Chicago, Illinois. They were originally called Ballistika and released one demo "Immersed In Chaos" in 2009. Then they changed their name to Massakren in February 2010. Under Massakren they released one full length and one EP. Finally in 2012, they became Starkill.
No 1 Left Standing
No 1 Left Standing
Named for their approach to the music business, “No 1 Left Standing” is leaving just that in their wake. 2 time winner of 106.7 KBPI’s Best Band in Denver Contest, this “Aggressive Hip-Hop”, 6 piece live band has left the competition in their seats time and time again. Formed by front man James Belarde, this diverse collection of musicians screams talent and originality. Often compared to “Rage against the Machine”, most likely due to the politically charged, no holds barred nature of their music, anyone who spends time near this group can sense success on the horizon for the “gas mask society”.
Live and on stage is the place to catch No 1 Left Standing if you truly want to get the full picture of what this band is all about. Energy and intensity are their trademarks and they bring it to the stage on every occasion. You may have seen them on a number of KBPI bills opening for the likes of Korn, Avenged Sevenfold and other industry names. You might have also caught them amongst the ranks of monthly showcase performances from 8th ElemEnt Entertainment, a Colorado-Based Independent Record Label with which the band teamed up in 2011 to release their first full-length album: “Fine American Mental Product” or “F.A.M.P.”. Since joining the team, “No 1 Left” has continued to flourish, adding new dimensions to their repertoire and finding a home amongst the confines of what is quickly becoming Colorado’s largest and most prominent entertainment organization.
Plans for the future show signs of nothing but further progress. Tour locations are being opened all over the country and you are likely to see No 1 Left Standing in your city very soon. Physical and digital distribution of the current and future projects provides mass access to this once underground treasure. The band’s next album, titled “Day of the Dog” is slated for release soon with production from Colorado Sound, Denver’s premier recording studio and release under 8th ElemEnt Entertainment.

For more info, search “No 1 Left Standing” and/or “8th ElemEnt.” on facebook, google, youtube or any other online format. Visit the official site:
Epi III is at it again, with a new sound, a new record and a new tour. Epi III is on tour to support their new album, "Wires and Raunch - The Mixtape". Epi III has a whole lot of sound for only having two members in the band. Epi Chavez, frontman & founder, for Epi III, and Dustin Gauvain, LIVE drummer, come together to form an Alternative duo like you've never seen before. Their newest album was released on January 31, 2017 and is really getting a ton of reaction. Putting Epi in the top 40 over seas for the first time and with Spotify & social media numbers growing rapidly, the new record has an electronic rock vibe that will make you get out on the dance floor. The album features new singles such as "Release", "Back Again" and "Dead Heart Spilled".
An Austin, TX original, ranging from a variety of sounds such as Ghostland Observatory, Marilyn Manson, TwentyOne Pilots, Rage Against The Machine, Gorillaz and many more. Always prepare to be blown away when you see an Epi III performance. From the lights to the music, it is an all around show. No body else is doing what Epi III is doing. From alternative to rock to electronic with a little bit of hip hop, Epi III is completely original with their sound and is building their own unique following. And fast. They're always on to something new, guaranteed to surprise you every chance they get!
In 2010, metal band VSCRL was formed in Denver, Colorado. Their music fuses heavy and emotive elements, complementing the lyrical themes and adding to their complex sound. Today, vocalist Cory Berthiaume, guitarist Jon Richards, guitarist Francisco Gallegos, drummer Andy Serrano, and bassist Scott Tabor make up the 5-piece band powerhouse.

Their next release is "Singularity", recorded at the famous Colorado Sound Studios. Be on the look out for their first production music video for Singularity.
Venue Information:
Moon Room
1902 Blake St.
Denver, CO, 80202