The Murderburgers

The Murderburgers

City Mouse, Over Time, Filthy Hearts

Wed Aug 30 2017

7:00 pm

$5.00 - $12.00

This event is all ages

The Murderburgers
The Murderburgers
The Murderburgers are a high-energy melodic three piece punk rock’n’roll band from Scotland who deal in lightening quick anthemic intelligent pop-punk bangers. Formed in 2007 by lead vocalist and guitarist Fraser, The Murderburgers have grown from gobby Ramones-esque young punks into arguably Scotland’s finest ever punk rock export.
Spending endless months on the road on both sides of the Atlantic, including playing the legendary Gilman Street in Berkeley, California and surviving near-death experiences in mainland Europe during 2012, the band have built their reputation on the strength of their dedication, passion, hard work and sheer talent, not to mention being armed with some of the finest hooky pop-punk anthems this side of early Green Day. With an unrivalled work ethic, they have wracked up over eight hundred shows across the globe since their formation, making for razor-sharp live shows bursting full of blood and guts, mixed with typical dry Scottish humour.
The Murderburgers new full length album “The 12 Habits Of Highly Defective People” was released at the start of October 2016 on Asian Man Records/Round Dog Records/Waterslide Records right before the band’s first ever tour of Japan. The album was recorded and produced by Matt Allison at Atlas Studios in Chicago. The line-up on the new record consists of Fraser on lead vocals and guitar, Zack from Dear Landlord on guitar and vocals, Masked Intruder’s Yellow and Red on bass and drums, and Adam Fletcher from The Copyrights/Dear Landlord on additional vocals.
Most unhappy when not on tour, The Murderburgers are a relentless punk rock juggernaut that lives to be on the road. Their infectious pop-punk bluster deals with the universal issues; life, death, depression, poverty, mental illness, hope; wrapped up in an explosive ball of anxiety and chaos, delivered at 200 miles per hour whilst channeling the spirit forefathers The Ramones and The Queers. The Murderburgers represent all that is great about Scottish punk rock and are a band that we are truly proud to see taking over the world.
It’s Burger Time.
City Mouse
Pop Punk from Lexington, KY / Riverside, CA.
Over Time
Members of:
Anchor Point, The repercussions and Three Grams
FFO: Comeback Kid, Rise Against,touché Amore, Kid Dynamite, Gorilla Biscuits
Est. 2016
Filthy Hearts
Filthy Hearts
Started as a just a way for a few friends (Steve, Alec, & Ryan to get together, drink, bullshit, & sometimes write music, Filthy Hearts really started as a drinking club. As time moved on, Alec, being the genius he is, moved on to focus on his schooling and now is a beer scientist! (Cool shit right?) Steve and Ryan continued to jam occasionally, still using it as an excuse to hang out and bullshit, when they decided it was time to push this project to it's highest potential. Ryan had just left The Larimers and had a lot more time to focus on the project, so he put up a Craigslist ad, stating the intention to "take over the world." After a few replies, Steve and Ryan auditioned Tom to become their new drummer after Alec's departure and after one session, they knew they had found their guy! Tom was instantly able to write great beats to the tunes that Steve and Ryan had already begun playing with and they were off to the races! During this time, Ryan had been talking to his friend, Justin, who had formerly been with The A-Ok's and after talking for a while, Ryan asked Justin if he wanted to play lead guitar for the band. Justin said he would love to check it out and after one jam, they were finally WHOLE! The band became aggressive and started to practice two to three times a week and really hone their sound before their first show, which was with Moonraker (CA), Audrey (one of Justin's other great bands, & The Healz at their friend Wayne's house. After this show, they had the bug and have been gigging ever since playing with some of the finest bands in Denver and abroad such as: GUTS, Cut Up (CA), E/M/P, Audrey, Moonraker (CA), The Healz, Black Dots, Dryer Fire, Computer Class (CA), Bourgeois Girl, & more (if we forgot you, please let us know). They have just completed recording their debut EP, which will be out in 2016. Get stoked, these dudes are tearing it up.
Venue Information:
Moon Room
1902 Blake St.
Denver, CO, 80202