Diverje / Kill Minus Nine - CD Release Show

Diverje / Kill Minus Nine - CD Release Show

eHpH, Midnight Marionettes

Fri Aug 18 2017

7:00 pm

$10.00 - $12.00

This event is all ages

Diverje was started by Tommy T, front-man of DSBP Records, in 1996. The band started as a metal/industrial hybrid and has mutated since to create a powerful Industrial/electronic hybrid unlike those currently found in the popular music circuit. In the Studio, Tommy T creates the many layers of Industrial and electronic rhythms and melodies, as well as providing vocals, programming and production for Diverje’s many releases. On the stage, Diverje is brought to life by NINO BROWN(GUITAR, KEYBOARDS), VICENTE (KEYBOARDS), KENNY(NOISE TREATMENTS,DISTORTED BEATS). Diverje aims to provide one of the most energetic and entertaining live performances of Industrial music seen on a stage, and delivers on all fronts, having shared the stage with Chemlab, Skinny Puppy, Armageddon Dildos, Imperative Reaction, Hocico, and many other staples of the Industrial and Electronic music world.

Diverje has many releases to its name, including the 2002 release “On Skin”, which was met with great acclaim by the Industrial community, featuring a wealth of dance and harsh industrial tracks to get dance floors moving in songs such as the titular track “On Skin” and the opening “Regret”. The next album, “2:40AM”, features a number of remixes from “On Skin” by some of Industrial’s most well-known acts, including Razed In Black. 2003’s “Amphibian” explores some of the darker and more ambient textures of Industrial as a concept album built around industrial frogs (indeed!). Songs such as “Stronger” and “In2thetrap” explore political and emotionally charged lyrics and sounds unlike that of many Industrial records.

2005 saw the release of “The Distortion Chamber Vol. I", a harder and more aggressive album with more guitar and electro-industrial anthems, and even more conviction and anger. The album definitely brought DIVERJE back into the top tier of underground bands doing live and studio work and with one of the most energetic shows in the land.

In 2007, the band released “Stitched", with 11 brand new tracks with more aggressive electro/industrial, EBM with powerful rhythms and anthemic/harsh vocals. This album has a more matured feel, and more of a live sound incorporated in the energy of each track. There are some gems on this album such as "Smell the blood", "Stitched" and “Evil One”, and a lot of sounds for those looking for something to get their blood moving.

2010 sees the release of the most popular DIVERJE CD to
date- "BURN AWAY" which features some instant classics and amazing live trax - "bunker soul", "evil never dies:"suffer this world", "superficial slut" and a amazing cover of DEPECHE MODE - "leave in silence"..Diverje play a bunch of supporting shows and festivals to support this release and people are more energized by the sound than ever!!

2013 the release of "HATE STIMULATION" brings a more heavy and even more diverse album to the forefront including bangin' tracks "all the fakes":,"this disease", "war within me", "murder in my eyes" and more!! every track hits hard and the fanbase keeps growing with each release, as this band seems to get better and better all the time!!!
The combination of J.wikked
and Tommy T. put together a new album of raging tracks in 2015, "THE GRAND BETRAYAL" CD takes on the darkest and hardest sound of DIVERJE yet!! keep expanding on their metal influences as well as Industrial, EBM, experimental and noise mixtures. A very comprehensive
collection of angry, rebellious tracks which are based on the real life of Tommy T and the crazy shit he had to deal with in 2014-2015 with some crazy people. The tracks are divided into HARDER STOMPY INDUSTRIAL LACED WITH METAL AND PURE EBM STOMPERS which show a more EUROPEAN influence as well. This band knows no limitations for writing electronic, industrial, harder edged music!

DIVERJE has specialized in playing SOUTHWEST USA shows as well with a nice following in COLORADO and
TEXAS outside of NM!!

Currently working on a brand new album for the end of the year 2016 and it is called 'WE STILL REMAIN" and is possibly our best and most consistent release yet! BE READY FOR TOTAL DESTRUCTION AND DANCE FLOOR POWER!!

What’s in the future for Diverje? Having solidified themselves as a staple in the Underground Industrial scene, Diverje will continue to release more powerful music, and provide a great live show to back it up. 2015 will see new CD releases, more live shows, and above all, growth. Diverje is about doing what no one else is doing, and doing it well. Catch a live show and see why Diverje is the best at what they do.
Kill Minus Nine
"It’s easy to see why this five-piece would draw such a following as the guys have a chemistry that’s visible to anyone who sees them live." - Coma Music Magazine

Kill Minus Nine (KM9), hailing from Denver, CO, combines rock sensibilities with aggressive EBM for a sound that is both fresh, and yet reminiscent of the early 90s industrial rock bands such as Nine Inch Nails, KMFDM, and Stabbing Westward.

The lyrics express their frustrations with politics, humanity and social injustices.
Burn Dystopia, "The status quo stayed static far too long, Epitomizing pride before a fall."
Morituri, "Watch us kill one another isn't that what you want."

The band was formed in 2013. They have played with many bands including Assemblage 23, Covenant and Skold (KMFDM, Manson).

Currently, KM9 is finishing up an EP for an August release which will include a remix by [:SITD:]

If you too are are frustrated and ready for change, come help, "Feed the cruel and wicked to the flames."
In late 2013 Fernando Altonaga began writing and recording songs that, with the addition of Richard dH in early 2014 would become the first tracks of Denver deathwave project, eHpH.

Fernando Altonaga grew up in Los Angeles, formed a band with Chris Miller in 1993 called Bloodbath Parade http://www.reverbnation.com/bloodbathparade moved to Colorado in 2000 and formed a project called Black Absolute https://soundcloud.com/black-absolute. Movie credits for Fernando's soundtrack work can be found on IMDBhttp://www.imdb.com/name/nm0023014/?ref_=fn_nm_nm_1

Richard dH is a Denver native and in the '90s was in experimental bands such as Aumossphunkk, Illume and Pybayk. In the late 90's as DJ Chard, Richard began spinning drum & bass, downtempo, speed garage, UK garage/2-step, electro breaks and deep house.

eHpH's debut album was released in October of 2015.
Midnight Marionettes
The Midnight Marionettes are a Denver based goth-industrial-rock band that were given life from the myth of the marionettes that haunt the streets of Prague at midnight. The Midnight Marionettes create haunting and dark soundscapes that invite the listener to take a journey along shadowed moonlit paths to some fascinating and personal destinations.
Venue Information:
Moon Room
1902 Blake St.
Denver, CO, 80202