Killing Creation

Killing Creation

Sanity's Edge, Infinite Conscious, Rise As Legends

Sat Jul 15 2017

7:00 pm

$10.00 - $12.00

This event is all ages

Killing Creation
Killing Creation is a modern metal band based out of Denver, Co. Mean thunderous drums and bass with a crunchy melodic blend of riffs topped off with an emotional madman with a lot to say. Relentless crowd, relentless music and four deranged members feeding off of every vitalizing second on stage.
Sanity's Edge
The concept or meaning of sanity's edge is based upon the everyday judgements and decisions we make that seperate the average or normal from the maniacal. The split second impulses we either fight off or relent to - the thin line we balance on called sanity's edge.
Sanity's edge has been performing an unequaled blend of influences in the Denver metal scene since 2008. Combining solid driving rhythms with searing melodic riffs, viscious screams with powerful vocals. Creating what has been called an harmonic brutality.
Infinite Conscious
This is the official page of Infinite Conscious.The progressive metal band from Greeley, Colorado, USA. The band is made up of Chris Blackman, Justin Pearl, Chris Luera, Todd Dack, Morgan Mayfield, Josh Hougnon, and their infinite consciousness. Infinite Conscious is a collection of inspiration from the thought process of the human mind, from being perfectly content, finding one's self, to heart break and complete disarray within our own minds. The members in the band have come from different backgrounds of music, but mostly from the heavy metal scene of Northern Colorado. Joining forces, and bringing a lot of diversity in their new sound. With roots from their former metal bands, they also bring an enlightened melodic progressive side to the table, with clean and screaming vocals. The band is set to release their debut CD "Trials Of Tribulations" on June 24th of 2017. So stay tuned and stay conscious my friends!
Venue Information:
Summit Music Hall
1902 Blake St.
Denver, CO, 80208