Arras Farewell Show

Arras Farewell Show

Casket Path, Lockjaw, Fortune's Fool

Sat May 27 2017

7:00 pm

$8.00 - $10.00

This event is all ages

Traditionally "arras" is another word for tapestry. Tapestries in past centuries were woven to mark something symbolically or in reference to a certain destiny. We chose ARRAS as a metaphor because it was and still remains symbolic that this band came to be and our friendships came from it.

We as a band are from 4 cities in Northern Colorado and all share the love for Melodic Hardcore and music altogether. We hope to travel the world and do what we love to do most, play shows.

To any and all supporters, thank you.
Casket Path
Casket Path
We play dark melodic heavy jams.
Josh- too punx for IG
Rob- yungbisquick_sc
Brian- artbybdholt
Brandon- _pdkallday
Garrett- garrettburnettt
Hardcore band, Denver CO.
Just four dudes, letting off some steam and having fun with our friends.
Fortune's Fool
Fortune's Fool

Vocals- Phoenix Herrera
Guitar- London Bell
Guitar- Jonathon Wedlund
Bass- Drandon Valley
Drums- Matthew Meehan
Venue Information:
Black Sheep
2106 E. Platte Ave
Colorado Springs, CO, 80909