Devil in the Details

Devil in the Details

Sorry, No Sympathy, Stavesail, Taking Alpha

Wed Mar 08 2017

7:00 pm

$10.00 - $12.00

This event is all ages

Devil in the Details
Devil in the Details
Devil in the Details exploded into the Omaha, NE music scene in early 2014 with the release of their first music video in January, and a debut performance to an over-capacity crowd at Omaha's Sokol Underground in April. In less than a year of performing, Devil in the Details have played all across the midwest, sharing the stage with various post-hardcore and metalcore acts including For All Those Sleeping, Secrets, Dance Gavin Dance, Alive Like Me, and Defeat the Low. In 2014, Devil in the Details released an EP, including the single "Live to Tell" mastered by Tom Denney (Ex-A Day To Remember), made it to the top 10 in Hot Topic’s national “Battle of the Bands” competition, and released four music videos. Those videos include a playthrough of the recording of "Consequence", a lyric video for “Drifter”, and a creative production of their first single, “Live to Tell”. Their debut EP, “Black and White,” was released in September 2014 along with a live performance video of the album’s title track.

Devil in the Details offer living proof that raw emotion and an electric onstage presence can propel you to the top of the local music scene. The members of Devil in the Details came together with a shared goal of creating extraordinary music and using that music to connect with people. Each member of the band came to the table with experience earned while performing with other local bands. Taking influence from Underoath, Like Moths to Flames, Architects, and many others, Devil in the Details set out to become one of the hardest-working, most successful post-hardcore bands in the Midwest.
Sorry, No Sympathy
Sorry, No Sympathy
Hailing from the windswept plains of Wyoming, a place not thought of when it comes to metal, Sorry, No Sympathy has been delivering their unique brand of melodic metalcore, with no signs of slowing. What started as a group of friends wanting to play live music, evolved into a band of brothers loving and touring their craft.
We're a band that plays the music we want to hear, so you'll only hear genuine tunes here. We're not looking to be trendy or a copycat of what's popular just because it's popular. We love many genres of music and styles of metal so we try to incorporate as much of it as we can while still keeping it heavy! Enjoy!
Taking Alpha
Taking Alpha
Sometimes, entrees are better on leftover night.

Formerly in the Colorado Springs local band "Restore All Vengeance," songwriter Joseph Acosta and drummer Derek Bricker opened the refrigerator one day and smelt something grand. It was material their old band cooked up long ago, but was never consumed. So they decided to sit down for dinner and have some RAV leftovers.

But they weren't alone.

Woody Harrelson look-alike and vocalist Zach Carey joined them for dinner, bringing his own leftover dish from his last project, "Oddly Familiar."

Soon the three of them began mixing together their various foods and spoon-feeding each other, bite after bite.

It wasn't long before they each realized that what they were consuming together were no longer leftovers. Nay, it was a new entree entirely.

"This doesn't taste like metalcore," said Derek, who prefers to be called "Dak," named after Luke's co-pilot who died violently in "The Empire Strikes Back."

"No, the way the cayenne pepper blends with the lemon sauce is more old school hardcore punk," said Zach, "with a hint—a tiny hint—of progressive. Spicy."

"I agree," said Joseph while tears trickled down his uniquely good-looking face. "It's beautiful, the way it all blends together."

Dak, who has a grossly inhuman flesh-to-body-hair ratio, squirted some cream into his tea.

"That's kinda icky, but oddly attractive," commented Zach.

"So should we wait for another guitarist and a bassist to enjoy our dinner with us?" asked Joseph, the more mature bandmate.

"That won't be necessary," responded Zach, who was creamin' his own Earl Grey by now. "I prefer our current three-way."

As the young gentlemen finished their candlelit supper, they continued their private conversation over some cheesecake.

Then, the unthinkable: the candles climaxed and set their hearts ablaze.
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Black Sheep
2106 E. Platte Ave
Colorado Springs, CO, 80909