The Convalescence, One Day Waiting, Autumn Burn, Against Himself, Saphyre Rain

Tue Feb 21 2017

7:00 pm

This event is all ages

Rising from the labyrinth of Los Angeles, California. Formed from the poetic marrow of creative intercourse, OTEP is an Art Project/Band/Movement/Revolution; Breaking ground. Breaking rules. Breaking barriers. Articulate. Aggressive. Pure Adrenaline. ARTCore of Heavy Mental Rock." OTEP is an explosion of inspiration and motivation, empowered by their dedication to the arts, being a voice for the voiceless and fighting injustice. With Otep Shamaya' multifaceted vocal approach, from gut wrenching roars to soft seductive poetry to singing. Brothers in arms, guitarist Aristotle and drummer Justin Kier have a spiritual connection with Otep on an alchemical level that's conducive to creativity. A force of nature, music is the weapon of choice, armed with the lethality of master artists, they continue to inspire and crush live shows around the world.

Originally discovered by Jack and Sharon Osbourne in Los Angeles, Otep was offered to play Ozzfest as an unsigned artist and was the first female fronted band to play the touring festival. She signed with her first label, without a demo, after only 5 live shows, and strictly on the power of her live performance, OTEP has gone on to record 6 successful studio albums to date.

OTEP is unleashing a roaring new album titled "Generation Doom." Produced by Howard Benson Grammy nominated for Producer of the Year in 2007 and 2008. Howard has produced such artists as Motörhead, Papa Roach, Three Days Grace, Flyleaf, My Chemical Romance, P.O.D., Chris Cornell, Theory of a Deadman, and Halestorm.

"Revolution is the opiate of the artist. In pain. We remain. But healed in the sweet addiction to art. We are. For this album, I unleashed my soul and allowed it to soar freely. I communed with the moon in the chrome of its light. I kissed the sun at its fiery height. I waged war with the Nightmare Kings, I sinned with the opalescent women in the roaring seas of poetry. On a cycloptic mare, hooves made of iron and air, I charged into the inky heart of art and roared at the old gods in the ashes of their ruin– 'You can't look away, WE ARE YOUR MISTAKE. WE… ARE…GENERATION DOOM!
The Convalescence
The Convalescence
The Convalescence formed in late February 2011 in Toledo,OH as a side project for various local musicians, After releasing pre production clips The Convalescence signed with Ohio independent label Enthral Entertainment to release a debut EP titled "Memories" in May 2011. The band went on to do multiple tours and festivals in support of the EP including The Northwest Ohio Metalfest, Bludgeonfest with Mobile Deathcamp, The Lone Wolves Tour with Winterus, The All Freaks Halloween Ball, The Road to the Metalfest Tour, and The Northern Wisconsin Metalfest. After completing pre production on their first full length album "Unmasking The Betrayer" The Convalescence went on to do The Winter Wipe Out Tour with The Black Order before recording the album at Metro 37 Studios in Rochester Hills,MI. Following with several tours and festivals through the remainder of 2012 and 2013 in support of the new release including The SkeleTour with Tides Of War and Mercia, The MonsTour, The For The Fans Tour with Kleos, The EradicaTour with Erimha, The See You LayTour with Along Came A Spider and Fallen Captive, Toledo Deathfest, Alcoholacaust 1 and 2, Toledo Metalfest, The Age Ov The Gods Festival, Do You Like It Heavy? Fest, and Summer Pit fest as well as sharing the stage with other national acts such as All Shall Perish, Carnifex, Fleshgod Apocalypse, Conducting From The Grave, The Contortionist, Mushroomhead, King Conquer, Abiotic, The World We Knew, Erimha, Along Came A Spider, The Bunny The Bear, Neurotic November, In Dying Arms, Kingdom Of Giants, Reformers, and many more. The band has recently signed with Ferocious Records and has just finished up recording a new album titled "The Process" and will be touring extensively throughout 2014 in support of this new release.
One Day Waiting
One Day Waiting is an alternative metal band from the Hudson Valley NY. The band was established in 2013 and is comprised of 4 equally dedicated members who maintain a fusion of the melody of rock music with the intensity of metal.

The lead vocalist is Tyler Kray. He's been listening to rock / metal since 2005 and first started to perform in bands by 2011. Inspired by bands like Disturbed and Drowning Pool, he incorporates a heavy singing style with clean and raspy vocals along with harsh screams. He is also responsible for writing the majority of ODW's lyrics.

Nick Cozzolino, the guitarist, was turned onto rock music at the age of 10. Going to his first concert, not knowing anything about rock music, he saw Shinedown and Trapt perform. It was then that he knew that's what he wanted to for the rest of his life. He started playing guitar at age 11 and has been in and out of bands since 2010. ODW is the right fit he has been looking for. His roots are southern rock, hard rock and alternative metal.

The bassist of the band is Connor Koch. He has been listening to all types of music ever since he was a kid and has always had a passion for playing and performing. With a wide range of influences from Paul McCartney to Steve Harris to John Entwistle to Johnny Christ, Connor incorporates hard, punchy finger picking technique and elegant high end fills along with a deep bottom end to solidify the band.

John Zambito began playing the drums at age 5 and was brought up listening to hard rock/metal music. Main influences on his playing style are Lamb of God, Disturbed, Pantera, Metallica, A7X, Trivium, and Korn. John delivers a style of drumming that revolves around a syncopated double bass foot technique along with the incorporation of tribal drum beats, crafting a unique, tight, and punchy sound. John also aids in the lyric writing process.

One Day Waiting continues to grow as time progresses. They bring the frantic raw energy at their concerts that empowers the audience to listen and feel their music. As of 2015, they have played in 4 different states and have released two EP's.
Autumn Burn
Autumn Burn
Hailing out of Northern Colorado Autumn Burn is a band that blurs the edge of metal, hardcore, and rock. Their sounds are dynamic, hard-hitting, as well as sensitive in a risk-taking truly EXPLOSIVE fashion. Autumn Burn is a band that by design makes you take notice. Members include Eric Romero - Vocals & Guitar, Kent Cutler - Bass, and Matt Durnil - Drums. Keep posted with the boys and their travels at www.myspace.com/autumnburn.

Review in Local Legends: ( www.coloradolocallegends.com)

In Colorado's massive hard rock and metal scene, one power-trio is spearheading a movement of local progressive metal with a unique addition to the genre. Making more noise on the local scene with every show they perform, Autumn Burn has gained Colorado's attention as one of its top progressive rock/metal groups.
Fort Collins-based Autumn Burn (myspace.com/autumnburn) consists of Eric Romero (vocals/guitar), Kent Cutler (bass) and Matt Durnil (drums). The sound they bring to the table isn't your run-of-the-mill, cookie-cutter rock or metal, and because of that, it makes it hard to pinpoint the group's genre of rock.
Romero describes the band's sound simply as, "Us," then further defines Autumn Burn's thrashing sound as progressive, melodic hard rock and metal.
Autumn Burn pulls from a combined extensive pool of musical influences, including Faith No More, Dream Theater, Acid Bath, and older sounds of Metallica and Killswitch Engage, just to name a few. From out of this, only an extremely unique style could emerge.
Romero says he first picked up a guitar at the age of 8, but quit soon after. It wasn't until six years later that he decided to give it another go.
"Autumn Burn really began about four years ago," Romero says. "I started recording guitar parts I had written, and put some beats to it. I sang for like four years, and sang badly for about two of them."
At the time, Romero was the vocalist for another band in Loveland. This was how he met Cutler, who was serving as the band's bassist. After both taking their leave from the Loveland band, the two musicians got together to form the original foundation of Autumn Burn.
The year 2007 has seen several lineup changes for the band, mainly in the position of the drummer. However, Romero and Cutler sound certain that they have found the missing piece to the puzzle … enter Matt Durnil.
With 16 years of experience on drums under his belt, Durnil brings a new form of technical ability to the table. Called a human metronome by the rest of the band, Durnil shows the progressive rock/metal drumming ability that suits Autumn Burn's sound perfectly.
"He's not just an addition to the band, he's an integral part," Cutler says. "We love his energy, his input and his creativity. You run across a lot of drummers, and a lot of them are sloppy. Matt is just stuck on time and tempo."
Durnil adds, "What I love most about this band is how we all work as a team. We can try a lot of different styles, and that really opens up the opportunity to change the rules of rock."
One of the rules they're changing is by not sticking with one band-defining sound. By hopping around from genre to genre, they have created a sound that as a whole keeps the crowd interested and into the songs from beginning to end. Through this, Autumn Burn has gained the reputation as a band true to its roots, with commercial appeal, as well as appeal to both the rock and metal underground. They have even gained airplay on multiple occasions on Denver's 106.7 KBPI.
"Uncle Nasty likes our sound, so we're killing it on Metalix," Romero says, referring to Uncle Nasty's nightly hardcore and metal radio show on KBPI. "I mean, we're the softest band played on the show, but we still get played a lot. We even got played twice in the same night on the show. So, we do have that ability to be played on the radio."
Autumn Burn uses a writing strategy that gives every member of the band equal exposure. Avoiding a natural occurrence in rock and metal bands, they stay away from writing songs that makes one individual the lead focal point, which would force the rest into the background.
"We try to write songs in which everyone can stand out, but not too much," Romero says. "Each song is a feeling or an emotion in and of itself."
Romero explains that recently they had attempted to make Autumn Burn a four-piece group, but the addition of a second guitarist didn't work out like they had hoped.
"The guy was a good guitar player, but he was too young," Romero says. "He wasn't really ready to run with the big dogs yet."
However, the group hasn't given up on the idea of a second guitarist quite yet. They are hoping that before the year is out, Autumn Burn will have four members in the band.
"With Eric having to be stationary with his guitar behind the mic, we're kinda restricted. That pretty much leaves me to be the only one roaming the stage to work the crowd," Cutler says, to which Romero agrees, adding, "We're missing that power of a two-guitar band, we need another. We have an awkward setup right now, and we can't have that. We're looking to have another guitarist within the month, and that's when the power can explode."
Saying they're looking for a like-minded individual, Autumn Burn wants a guitarist who can fit right into the already dynamic group of musicians with a professional take on being in a band.
"We're not just players, we're a family. We're all brothers," Romero says. "But being in a band is also like doing a business deal. We want someone who can sit down, write music and collaborate with everyone else. We want someone who can create good music and be professional about it, yet still have fun doing it. Because, if it's not fun, why do it?"
One thing Autumn Burn is looking to accomplish in the near future is going into the studio and recording a full-length album. They have discussed the possibility of beginning the recording of their material in December, which is one reason for the unofficial timeline they have set for themselves to add a fourth member.
"Its not the money that's holding the album off, it's the people," Cutler says. "We want everything to be right. We've been checking into a few places to record at, so once the lineup is solidified, we'd like to begin. We want to have a blast doing it, but we also want it to be something we can be proud of. We're not going to go in and slam a recording out. It needs to be an album we feel confident putting our names on."
Either way you look at it, one thing for sure is people can look forward for new music to come from Autumn Burn in the near future.
The members of Autumn Burn have a different outlook on the state of the local rock and metal scene in Colorado. Hailing from Fort Collins, they are near the epicenter of what is quite possibly Colorado's largest death metal scene.
Northern Colorado has traditionally been home to some of the state's most popular local death metal bands, yet Cutler isn't so sure local music is heading in the right direction.
"Some say the scene is growing, but I think it's really dieing," Cutler says. "I've been around the music scene in Fort Collins for many years, and there are a lot of good bands. But there are too many death metal bands. Don't get me wrong, I like death metal. But with a lot of bands now, I can't understand the vocals. And, like a lot of other people, if I can't understand the vocals, I can't get into it. Some of the older death metal bands suffer from this too, and attendance has dropped because of it. Bands that have been around for years are still playing the same places they were when they started."
Romero adds, "Around that area, we get a lot of contrasting gigs. Sometimes, we're the softest band there, playing gigs where all the other bands are death metal. But we also get a lot of gigs where we're the heaviest."
As a whole, the group feels there's an element of hypocrisy in Denver regarding music.
"A lot of people say they love music, but they don't go out to support local acts," Romero says. "There really needs to be a Renaissance."
With Colorado bands such as The Fray making it nationally, Cutler thinks it is great for all bands in the state.
"Even though they're not metal, it's still good exposure for all Colorado bands," Cutler says. "It brings more music scouts into Colorado, and more bands will get noticed."
The members of Autumn Burn say they will take the future of the band as it comes, with the utmost optimism for success. Simply stating that the future holds, "Anything and everything," they believe the band's success lies in their own hands.
"Life's what you make it," Cutler says. "We don't care about money; we care about the feeling of the crowd. We enjoy our music and get into it, and we hope people feel the same way that we do."
Against Himself
Against Himself is a five piece hard rock/metal hybrid band that formed in the fall of 2014 in Denver, Colorado. AH was born to innovate and overcome, believing the only boundaries that truly exist are the ones you choose to create. Conveying these boundaries would be working against yourself; therefore, becoming your own worst enemy.
Upon the first month of formation, AH wrote and recorded their 4 track EP at Arsenal Studios in Colorado, which featured the single ‘Someone You’re Not’. The song was picked up by 94.3 KILO, a CO rock radio station, and began to build the band some recognition.
Immediately after the studio, Against Himself’s first three shows were with the legendary So-Cal based band Snot on their long awaited US tour. This helped gain AH many opportunities, such as playing South By Southwest festival and opening for plenty of well known bands that include Sevendust, Fear Factory, Soilwork, Avatar, and Butcher Babies, to name a few. AH picked up Denny Sanders as their manager and became part of his artist management company The Label Group.
Against Himself embarked on their first national tour in October 2015 in support of Burn Halo before beginning the writing process for their full length album, which has been recorded with the well known musician/producer Logan Mader in Las Vegas, NV. The track ‘Within’ from the upcoming album was premiered through Pure Grain Audio, along with a strong lyric video for the current times. "'Within' is not just a song, it is a message. A message delivered through an auditory playground and state of truth. A message baring witness to the times of hardship at hand and being oblivious to all that is confining.” -(David Hunt). 'Within’ was added to radio playlists across the nation. The song quickly reached, and remained on, Radio Contraband’s Top40 chart for six consecutive weeks.
Members: David Hunt – Vocals Kacey Hunt- Guitar Dalen Buckalew – Guitar Jimmy Warner – Drums Cameron Brown – Bass
Venue Information:
Hodi's Half Note
167 N College Ave
Fort Collins, CO, 80524