Vermillion Road

Vermillion Road

The New Schematics, Treehouse Sanctum

Thu Jul 13 2017

7:00 pm

$10.00 - $12.00

This event is all ages

Vermillion Road
It's almost unheard of today for a band so young to not only resonate with the hard rock sound that's been popular for so many years, but to also stand out in the very competitive Denver music scene. That's exactly what excites Vermillion Road, and has motivated them to create a new energetic modern rock sound. Filled with heavy guitar tones, driving drum beats, and soaring melodic vocals with catchy melodies and hooks, their music aims to reignite the rock scene.

Their goal is to bring this contemporary rock sound to the forefront of popular music today and to expose a whole new generation to the power of their music. With a successful EP under their belt and a debut full length album, Palaces, coming out in late May 2015, the four have set their sights high on a mission to change the music industry as we know it.

It's becoming increasingly common for rock bands to invent ways to break the mold of what a rock band should be. Through their distinct energy in their live performances and heartfelt lyrics, this dynamic group is committed to bringing the very best to the most important part of Vermillion Road - the fans. It's their desire and mission to connect with people on a visceral, emotional level, and it's this desire that drives everything Vermillion Road does. Music is an amazing gift and they feel privileged to be given an opportunity to translate the everyday struggles of life into 3-4 minute snippets of raw energy and empowerment.

The fall of 2012 found guitarist Hunter Heurich, bassist Mark Mastrangelo, and drummer Will Robison looking for a good vocalist/front man to complete their band. Their tedious search on Craigslist was getting them nowhere, then one day Hunter overheard Will singing one of their songs. At that moment, Hunter had an epiphany when he realized Will was the singer they had been looking for all along. "I always knew Will could sing but I didn't realize how good he actually was until that moment!" says Hunter. "His distinct voice and perfect pitch along with his passion and intense stage presence made it a no-brainer," he adds. They shifted their search to finding a new drummer and soon found the perfect addition to their family, Chad Pinkerman, who not only brought precision drumming but solid backing vocals which complimented Will's voice. "I guess it was meant to be," explains Will, "Chad moved to Colorado for a job and didn't bring his drum kit. We had my kit for him to use so it worked out perfectly!"

The band began playing out and within three months, they had won the Wicked Winterfest 2013 Battle of the Bands at the Gothic Theater, which was only the second show they'd played together. Since then, they've played numerous venues around Denver, including The Roxy Theater, The Oriental Theater, Casselman's, and many more. They've had radio interviews with Mile High Underground and Music Buzz Live Radio, and their music has been played on several internet radio stations as well as local stations 93.3, 94.3 and 107X.

They have been asked many times where they came up with the name for their band. Vermillion Road is an actual road just north of where they used to practice in Longmont, Colorado. This represents more than just a name for them, it's a metaphor for the journey they're currently on and they look forward to wherever this road may take them.
Venue Information:
Moon Room
1902 Blake St.
Denver, CO, 80202